Never Get Sick Again: How to Optimize Your Immune System

In the last few years, I’ve gotten sick very infrequently. When I’ve had cold symptoms, it was invariably after pulling an all-nighter, or a weekend of relative debauchery. In other words, I had it coming. And when I say “cold symptoms”, I mean some of the mildest sniffles and coughing you’ve ever seen. And the […]

Reflections on One Year with a Standing Desk

It was right around Christmas 2013 when I began to use a standing desk at work. One year later, I can safely say that this was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. The only reason I’ve ever heard of a healthy person not choosing to use a standing desk is that they are […]

Busyness Is A Choice

A little under a year ago, I got a new job. I suppose you could call it my first “real” job. Man, have I been busy. This job (which I very much enjoy, in case you were wondering) has me working from 6:30-6:30 every day (including a half hour commute each way), plus occasional weekends, […]

Avoid The Dangers Of The Personal Development Industry

Here’s something obvious: I’m a fan of personal development. Self-improvement is a wonderful thing! Through improving ourselves, we learn to overcome our fears, achieve our goals, develop stronger relationships, push past boundaries and plateaus, and get to know and understand ourselves far better. But there is also a dark side to personal development. The self-help […]

How You Can Increase Your Personal Freedom And Become More Independent

There are certain words in the English language that get tossed around so often and used so loosely, that it’s challenging to pin down a specific meaning for them. One such word is “freedom”. Take a moment right now and try to come up with an adequate definition of freedom, or what freedom means to […]

Nutrition For Natural Sun Protection Without Sunscreen

With the summer just about here, it’s time for the return of one of my oldest friends: sunburn. For pasty white guys such as myself, sunburn is pretty much a fixture of the summer months. Besides being painful, sunburn is also a huge risk factor for skin cancer…not good. Luckily, people like you and me […]

Coping With Tragedy: A Cultural Comparison

  It’s amazing how different cultures handle certain things in different ways. This past week through tomorrow is the most important week of the year in Israel. There are three holidays: Yom HaShoah (Holocaust memorial day) was last week, today has been Yom HaZikaron (the Israeli version of Memorial Day), and tomorrow is Yom Ha’atzmaut […]

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Built Upon These 10 Principles

Your health is your life. Well, ok. That may have been a bit melodramatic, but…   Your Health Is Your First Priority There are many subgenres in the personal development/self-improvement field, such as happiness, productivity, confidence, finances, independence, consciousness, and so on. It can be tough to decide where to begin. I know that I […]

Take Personal Responsibility For Your Life And Your Happiness

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” ― Theodore Roosevelt  “If you own this story you get to write the ending.”  ― Brené Brown   Ancient Romans understood the concept of personal responsibility. After a Roman arch was completed, the engineer who built […]

Need To Take Action And Stop Procrastinating? Read This.

Feeling stuck? Recently, I have been afflicted with a terrible disease. The primary symptom is a strong desire to remain on the couch. I am talking about Netflix addiction. Sure I want to get some writing done or start learning Spanish, but after just….one….more…episode… Know what I’m talking about? For me, it was the desire […]