A Primer On Mindful Eating: 23 Ways To Eat Mindfully

You eagerly anticipate your first bite as you delicately peel back the wrapper. Once opened, you are greeted with the mild but tantalizing scent of luscious, 85% cocoa dark chocolate. Your mouth waters as you take two deep breaths, preparing yourself for the delight that is only just beginning. With a distinct snap, you break […]

20 Ways To Instantly Feel Happiness

You want to feel happier. Everyone does. And why shouldn’t you? Happiness is great, and something we should all strive to experience as often as possible. There are a number of things that have been proven to increase your happiness in the long run. But what if you want to experience more happiness as soon […]

Strategic Napping: How To Nap If You Want To Get The Most Benefit

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 85% of mammalian species sleep for short periods during the day. That makes us humans a part of the minority. But are we really? After all, napping is incredibly common throughout the world, particularly in certain cultures and at certain stages of our life cycle. I used […]

Do You Have A Fear Of Missing Out?

You wake up in the morning, and before you even crawl out of bed, you are checking your Facebook news feed and your Twitter stream. You see that a couple of your friends are out to lunch at a new restaurant that you had wanted to try out. Somebody else posted a status about the […]

Quitting Caffeine: The Complete Guide

What if I told you that there is an addictive drug whose intake has increased by 70% over the past 30 years by children and adolescents across the United States? What if I told you that 9 out of every 10 adults consume this drug regularly, often multiple times per day? And lastly, what if […]

The Experience Of Being Phone-Less

Can you imagine going two weeks without a phone? It’s so easy to get addicted to all the benefits that a smartphone can bring you. You are always connected to to your friends through texting or calling. You have games like Angry Birds and Temple Run at your fingertips (my personal favorite is the Spades […]

Is Micro-Avoidance Ruining Your Confidence?

Your alarm goes off at 6:30 AM. Last night you promised yourself that you would get up when your alarm went off, but in the morning haze you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Snooze. Snooze again. Ok, so now it’s 7:00 and you absolutely have to get out of bed. Now there’s no […]

Top 10 Easiest Ways To Boost Both Your Happiness And Your Health

Happiness and health. These are probably the two biggest things that we all want in our lives. And every once in a while, we’ll find that amazing thing that is both healthy and makes us happier! Man, I love it when that happens. Anyways, here are ten things you can do that are scientifically proven […]

How To Be A Man

Standing in the corner with his arms crossed, he keeps his head tilted slightly and looks at no one in particular. No emotion appears on his face, and he remains aloof whenever in conversation. Stern, demanding, and forward, he is constantly barking orders at others. The concerns of the rest of the world mean nothing […]

Day 23: Fake It Til You Make It

If only life were perfect right now. Wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t ever have to worry about personal development or trying to do things that will make you happier, because you would already be as happy as possible! Yeah, I guess that would be kind of cool. The great thing is that even though […]