30 Days of Happiness

I believe we are all much closer to unlocking our full potential than we may think.

In fact, there are some really good, really simple, and well practiced techniques out there for making ourselves happier. They don’t involve changing yourself, but they might involve changing some of your habits.

During the next 30 days, you will do a bunch of little things that add up and have a snowball-effect on your mood and outlook on life. It’s not that the exercises are easy; some can involve deep introspection. But they are not particularly time consuming (I ask that you be willing to commit an hour a day for the next 30 days, but some will be much shorter), and the rewards are often immediate.

I now present to you: 30 Days of Happiness!

Part 1: Planning

Day 1: Make a commitment 

Day 2: Perform a SWOT analysis

Day 3: Create a plan 

Day 4: Do something every day

Part 2: The physical side

Day 5: Introduction to body practices for happiness

Day 6: Eat Your Omega-3 Fats

Day 7: Start exercising

Day 8: Get better sleep

Part 3: Stress management

Day 9: Introduction to stress management techniques

Day 10: Start monitoring your self-talk

Day 11: Learn to reframe experiences

Day 12: Accept yourself

Day 13: Enjoying the simple pleasures

Day 14: Ideal vision of yourself

Day 15: Reflect on the past two weeks

Part 4: Values, goals, and lifestyle

Day 16: The map or the territory?

Day 17: Find your values

Day 18: Write a mission statement

Day 19: Hobbies

Day 20: Starting from zero technique

Day 21: Fear-setting

Day 22: Conquer your fears 

Day 23: Fake it til you make it

Part 5: Social and relationships

Day 24: Are these behaviors sabotaging your relationships?

Day 25: The magic of “shave parties”

Day 26: Rekindle old friendships

Day 27: Go on a date

Day 28: Learn to apologize

Day 29: Freeing yourself from bad relationships

Day 30: Don’t stop now!