Day 19: Hobbies

What do you like to do with your free time?

You’ve probably thought about this question a lot over the past two days while eliciting your values and writing your mission statement.

That’s good, because today we will explore the question a little bit further in order to optimize your hobbies.

Hobbies have a great potential to improve your life. They can be fun, allow you to meet like minded people, and in some cases even make you money.

Most likely you already have at least one hobby, and are potentially considering getting involved in even more.

The goal for today is not necessarily to get started on new hobbies or more heavily pursue old ones (though it would be fine if that is the result), but rather to have a better understanding of the role hobbies play in your life.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make better decisions as to how you want to go about utilizing your free time. And then, of course, you can further pursue these hobbies.

But before getting into that, it would be a good idea to have a working definition of what a hobby actually is.

A hobby is, according to Wikipedia, “an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or amateur pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation”. In other words, a hobby is something that you want to do during your leisure time.

You can find some lengthy lists of hobbies here, here, and here.

They are by no means comprehensive; I’m sure there are plenty of hobbies that are unlisted. That being said, they are pretty extensive, and you can use them to get some ideas for hobbies that might interest you.

I believe everyone should have a minimum of one hobby that they devote some reasonable amount of time to.

Hobbies are a great source of pleasure in our lives, and everyone has interests that they can be exploring.

A lot of people lack passion in their lives, and that can be because they have not been pursuing the right hobbies for themselves.

If you’ve done the exercises from the previous two days (and perhaps cross reference with the lists of hobbies above), you should be able to create a list of probably at least ten hobbies that you either are already involved with or would like to get involved with. Write them down.

Now, with this list of hobbies, you can aim to find the ones that best suit your mission and are aligned with your values.

Because of the way you came up with the list, they should mostly already reflect your mission and values, but it helps to go through them individually and decide if they belong or not.

The two biggest objections to pursuing hobbies are that they can be expensive, and that they can be time consuming.

Both are very legitimate objections. In today’s busy world and poor economy, it can seem downright stupid to explore a hobby right now. But this is just surface level thinking; in fact, both objections can be easily dealt with.

While some hobbies are certainly expensive or at least can have major start-up costs, there are many that are incredibly cheap, and many that can make you money on the side or even become your primary source of income.

If you are strapped for cash, perhaps it isn’t a good idea to shell out $1000 for turntables to start your DJ hobby (unless it’s important to your mission).

On the other hand, especially if you already have experience as a DJ, you can make some money on the side spinning at parties and the like.

For more information on making money through your hobbies, check out this article, and for a few ideas on ways to make supplemental income through hobbies, check out this list.

The other objection is that hobbies are time consuming.

Sure, this can be true. But you get to choose how much time you want to dedicate to any given hobby, so you can spend as much time as your schedule will allow.

There is no need to spend more time than is available to you. Also, hobbies are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. If you don’t find a hobby relaxing, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

Time spent on a hobby should leave you more recharged than time spent on the internet or watching tv, so they are actually time-savers, not time-wasters.

Move on to Day 20: Starting From Zero Technique.

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