Day 27: Go On A Date

Unless you are a part of the estimated 1% of humans who are asexual, dating and romantic relationships make up a big part of your life.

Whether you are single or in a relationship right now, this is an area which deserves some attention.

People who have been single for a while can become complacent with a situation they may not like. People who have been in a relationship for a while are likely to have lost some of the romance and fire that was present in the beginning.

Either way, as humans, we crave some degree of excitement with regards to the romance in our lives. With that in mind, today’s exercise is to schedule/go on a date.

Single guys: You have a couple options here. You can call up that girl who you’ve been thinking of calling for a week but haven’t worked up the cojones to yet.

If you have any romantic prospects, feel free to call them as well. The most exciting option though, in my opinion, would be to approach a girl you’ve never met before and get her to go on a date with you.

Taken guys: Have you gone out for a night on the town with your girlfriend recently?

If you haven’t done anything interesting with her, take her out somewhere. Change it up a bit. Routine is BORING! So if you have gone to the movies every Sunday for the past two months, go ice-skating instead.

Single ladies: Same as single guys above, but most likely you will find this easier.

Taken ladies: It’s ok to be the one who initiates something in your relationship. Yes, generally speaking, the man is “supposed” to take the lead.

But for the purposes of this, make something happen yourself. You will be happier for introducing a little variety into your relationship.

“Great, Mike. I’d love to have a dating life again, but I have no money!”


Especially for the fellas out there, expensive dates are just about the worst thing you can do if you want to ingratiate yourself with that lady you are thinking about (unless you have been in a relationship for a while, in which case an expensive treat occasionally is fine).

When you buy her an expensive dinner or gift, she might feel like she is “obligated” to do something for you in return. Obligation is powerfully un-sexy.

And if you don’t know her very well, what has she done to warrant you spending so much money on her? Aren’t you a catch too? Or do you have to try and “bribe” her into being attracted to you?

In case you can’t think of any good, cheap date ideas, here’s a few: coffee or tea, a walk in the park, a home cooked meal, hiking, go to a public place and chat, volunteer somewhere together, ice-skating, or go to Walmart at night and play with the toys together.

Obviously there are about a million other things you could do, so feel free to be creative. The point for today is simply to do something.

Move on to Day 28: Learn To Apologize.

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  1. There’s just 1 little caveat to this…. what are you supposed to do if no one will actually give you the chance to take them on a date in the first place ? I’ve been trying to date for years but it’s like nobody wants to be bothered…and there’s only so much on my part that I can do (I’ve put myself out there), but it’s not like I can force people to go on a date

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