Humble Beginnings…

Hello readers!

I have been thinking about starting this project for a while now, and decided now is the perfect time. This blog serves 2 main functions:

1. A place to post my thoughts on feeling happy and living a rewarding life

2. A way for me to be accountable to myself, so that my own quality of life improves.

I am no guru. I certainly don’t have any “qualifications” to be writing this, other than desire and interest in the subject matter. But that’s really all I need. I plan on including a number of things, focusing on research being done on happiness, specific exercises for becoming happier, and just my own random musings on the topic.

Please, if you have any suggestions about topics I should include or just constructive feedback, don’t hesitate to comment. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Michael,

    From humble beginnings only do people and institutions rise to greatness. Your endeavor to spread happiness will no doubt help a lot of your readers to improve their lives. In the process, you are bound to gain immense pleasure and satisfaction yourself too. Wish you good luck for your efforts. Keep it up. Thanks.


  2. Angela Cartwright says:

    I’m glad you did start this blog!

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