6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Arguing So Much

We all do it.

Some of us do it a lot and others not as much.

Arguing is so incredibly common, it almost seems necessary to many people.

This is incredibly unfortunate, because arguing a lot is one of the worst things a person can do.

I have found this to be a particularly challenging aspect of personal development for myself since I tend to be rather stubborn.

That being said, I recognize the need to improve in that area.


Why You Should Stop Getting Into Arguments

As tempting as it can be to speak your mind all the time, it’s not a good idea. Here are six reasons why arguing kinda sucks:

1. You Probably Won’t Win.

First of all, you probably aren’t going to change anyone’s mind when you argue with them.

In fact, people tend to react strongly in opposition to someone else’s hostile mindset.

So if you got into an argument with me about something, I would put up mental blocks to what you are saying because my ego has just as much of a need to be right as yours.

2. You Might Not Be Right.

Remember, if you got into an argument, it’s because someone else disagrees with you about something.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that the other person could be right.

I know that’s probably never the case in your arguments, though 🙂

3. Even When You Win, You Lose.

Let’s say you are right.

Then what?

Whoopdy-friggin-do. What do you actually get out of it?

If you are right, you were right before the argument too, so you haven’t “won” or received any benefit at all.

4. Nobody Is Impressed.

Honestly, none of the people watching your argument think you are cool.

Arguing just makes you look like a jerk.

5. Your Relationship Is Harmed.

Getting into an argument with someone will not make you like each other more.

I think this one is pretty obvious, but people rarely stop to consider the consequences to their relationship when they argue.

All that negative energy just makes all the people involved resentful towards each other.

6. It Is More Effort For You.

Instead of arguing with someone, wouldn’t it be easier to just…not argue?

It almost sounds too simple, but that’s really all there is to it.

Why should you go to all that extra effort, especially since as we just saw, there is no benefit?



I know that it’s easier said than done to get out of the habit of arguing with others.

In the future I plan to discuss a lot more about this, since it’s a fairly complex issue for many people.

In the meantime, if you are tempted to get into an argument with someone, think about the above list before you do so, and decide for yourself if you think it is worthwhile.

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