Day 23: Fake It Til You Make It

If only life were perfect right now. Wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t ever have to worry about personal development or trying to do things that will make you happier, because you would already be as happy as possible! Yeah, I guess that would be kind of cool. The great thing is that even though […]

Day 22: Conquer Your Fears

On Day 20, we started from zero and decided what our ideal lifestyle would be like. Then on Day 21, we defined our fears which prevent us from taking the steps necessary to make that ideal lifestyle possible. Today, we will conquer those fears. As you may already know, the emotion of fear serves a […]

Day 21: Fear-setting

Today we will be doing another technique that I have borrowed. This time, the technique is called fear-setting, and comes from Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Workweek, which I highly recommend. I timed this exercise to come right after yesterday’s starting from zero technique for a good reason. The starting from zero technique is extreme, […]

Day 18: Write A Personal Mission Statement

Today, you will need your list of values from Day 17. Our goal today is to write a personal mission statement that you can use to guide your decisions in a consistent way that is in accordance with your values. For example, here is my mission statement: “By expressing myself honestly and without hesitation, and […]

Day 17: Find Your Values

Today you are going to elicit your deepest values. Your values are the principles that guide all of your behavior. They operate in the background, but they are of immense importance. Knowing what your values are will help you in the future to act congruently with them. Incongruence with your values is the primary cause […]

Day 16: The Map Or The Territory?

Alfred Korzybski, a scientist and philosopher, once stated that “the map is not the territory”. This simple statement represents the seemingly obvious fact that an abstraction of a thing is not the thing itself. Despite how obvious this seems, many people forget this in their daily lives. A practical example of this would be if […]

Day 14: Ideal Vision Of Yourself

For an introduction to stress management, see Day 9. On Day 10, I explored the idea of self-talk. On Day 11, we learned about the technique of reframing. On Day 12, we learned why you must immediately accept yourself as you are. Yesterday, we reviewed why it is important to appreciate the simple pleasures. I could hardly wait […]

Day 12: Accept Yourself

For an introduction to this section, see Day 9. On Day 10, I discuss the concept of self-talk. On Day 11, we go over the critical technique of reframing experiences.   “If you looked in the mirror and did not like what you saw, you would have to be mad to attack the image in the […]

A Lesson In Gratitude Taught By The Jews

We take a helluva lot for granted. So often we forget that all the great things we have aren’t there only because of our own efforts. Rather, everything we have is only there due to a massive group effort. Sure, you may have purchased the computer you are reading this on. You may have even […]

The Power Of Having An Internal Locus Of Control

Do things happen to you, or do you make things happen? While the question might seem trivial to you, people actually feel very different about the answer. In the world of psychology, the term locus of control refers to the extent that people believe they can control events that effect them. A person with an […]