Day 13: Enjoying Simple Pleasures

For an introduction to stress management, see Day 9. On Day 10, I explored the idea of self-talk. On Day 11, we learned about the technique of reframing. Yesterday, you made a commitment to accept yourself.

I have written about appreciating simple pleasures here, and one of the exercises you have been doing since Day 1 is based around enjoying the simple pleasures.

The topic is so important that it really had to be covered again during this program to help better understand the significance of it.

By now, if you have been doing the exercise from Day 1, you should have considerable practice in appreciating simple pleasures throughout your day.

Today I want you to reflect on your experience so far doing this exercise. Take out a piece of paper or open your word processor and write down/type at least ten distinct observations you have noticed while doing this exercise.

These observations need not be anything profound or earth-shattering.

For example, you might say something like “I really have enjoyed drinking tea a lot. I should try out some new flavors and expand my palette.”

Or you might say, “I always knew The Simpsons was a fantastic show, but I never realized how many clever jokes there are that I didn’t understand when I was younger.”

After writing down your ten or so things, you should feel a stronger appreciation for how many wonderful things there are to enjoy in your life every single day.

You also benefit by having many more powerful stress management tools at your disposal.

If you are experiencing stress, perhaps you now know that watching an old episode of The Simpsons will help ease your mind!

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  1. Simpsons amen!


  1. […] I’m not feeling my best, the problem that I am experiencing is a lack of appreciation for the “simple pleasures” in life. I will go through my day only half awake, unaware of the beauty all around me. Everyone […]

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