Day 9: Introduction To Stress Management

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes. It’s a fact of life. Stress serves a valuable function; it keeps us alert during times where we perceive a need to remain alert. However, modern life imposes an unnatural level of stress upon us, and this excess stress wreaks havoc on both our health and our enjoyment of life. […]

Day 8: Get Better Sleep

For an introduction to this section, see Day 5. For a dietary strategy, see Day 6. For information on exercise, see Day 7. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? If you have, you certainly know how important sleep is to your mental functioning and  mood. When I don’t get enough sleep, I can feel a […]

Day 7: Start Exercising

For an introduction to how body practices can improve your happiness levels, see Day 5. For a dietary strategy that will benefit your mood, see Day 6. At some point in your life, you probably have experienced the famed “runner’s high”, or just felt that fantastic feeling right after a grueling workout. This feeling occurs […]

Day 6: Eat Your Omega-3 Fats

For an introduction to what will be covered today and the next few days, check out Day 5. Today I want to talk about one specific aspect of your diet that has a VERY profound effect on mood. Since this is not a diet program, I don’t want to burden you with an overly restrictive […]

Day 5: Introduction To Body Practices For Happiness

Today I want to discuss an under-appreciated aspect of increasing our happiness. Many people understand on some small level that the way they take care of their body has some effect on their happiness, mental function, and outlook on life. But most people totally ignore this and don’t realize how big of a difference it […]

Day 4: Do Something Every Day

Before continuing with today’s exercise, make sure  you have completed Day 3. Also, don’t forget to do the exercises from Day 1. Today is a very simple day, so this post will be very short. But it is one of the most important days of the program. Don’t neglect it! If you have completed the […]

Day 3: Create A Plan

Remember to do the exercises from Day 1, and performing the SWOT analysis from Day 2 is a prerequisite for the exercise today. Day 3 is both a very simple and yet very important day in this program. You’ll want to have your SWOT analysis at hand, because we will be relying on it to […]

Day 2: Perform A SWOT Analysis

If you haven’t checked out Day 1 yet, read that and do the exercises before moving onto this. Today, we are going to borrow a concept from management theory called SWOT analysis. This is an amazingly powerful technique, and your results will be a reference for the rest of the month. The acronym stands for […]

Day 1: Make A Commitment

We can all be happier. There is no such thing as a maximal amount of happiness as far as I’m concerned. Even the happiest person in the world can become even happier. So, no matter where you are currently on the happiness scale, you can always shift to a more happy you through conscious action. […]

Announcing 30 Days of Happiness

Hello everyone! Today I decided to start working on a project for this blog which I think will be incredibly useful to anyone who is trying to become a happier and more satisfied person. I know the idea of 30 day challenges are not original, but I think they can be used very successfully as […]