Day 26: Rekindle Old Friendships

Yesterday, we talked about a mindset for maintaining friendships when you are busy. Today we will be a little bit more direct with regards to maintaining relationships.

We all have friends whom we would love to have stayed in touch with, but for one reason or another have lost touch with them.

Sometimes there may be legitimate reasons why you lose touch.

For example, you just don’t have as much in common anymore, or maybe you don’t even like them at all! Those aren’t the people I’m talking about here.

There are people who you are no longer in contact with because you are separated geographically, and no longer run into them regularly. Technology has made it possible to contact them, so this excuse is outdated.

There are people who you are no longer in contact with because despite being able to, you simply haven’t made the effort to stay in touch. Over time, these relationships atrophy.

There are people who you are no longer in contact with because you had a falling out. You had a fight or disagreement at some point in the past, and never quite made up for it, but that fight no longer seems relevant.

Well, it’s time to rekindle some of these old friendships!

It’s a great feeling when you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. Not only do you get to catch up about your lives, but you can reminisce about all the mischief you used to get into.

And while it isn’t the specific aim of this blog, you do get to benefit from a networking sense. Having good relationships with others improves your support network. Maybe one of these people can help get you a job one day.

I want you to think about three people who you have lost touch with (let’s define this as no contact for at least 3 months). Contact all of them in some form today. Like, right now.

It would be better if you call them, but I’ll accept a Facebook message if you are more comfortable with that.

By the end of the day, you must have concrete plans to meet up in person with at least one of these people. Concrete means you have a date, time, and location set up. Do it.

Keeping in touch with old friends is an important skill to have. Regularly practice it, and ye shall reap thy rewards.

Move on to Day 27: Go On A Date.

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