The 12 Characteristics Of Great Compliments

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” -Mark Twain   Have you ever given someone a compliment that fell on deaf ears? I know I have. Not all compliments are created equal. There is a right way and a wrong way of giving them, and many of us don’t know the difference. […]

How To Become More Hospitable

Throughout your life, you’ve almost certainly experienced incredible degrees of hospitality. In fact, certain areas of the world are known for it in their culture. For instance, consider the cliché of “southern hospitality”. I’ve been in Israel for just a couple days now, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how hospitable the Netanya locals are. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Talk To Strangers

From a very young age, we are repeatedly told not to talk to strangers. Since there are bad people out there and young children are not adept at discerning who they are, it seems to be a good idea in order to help protect them. Unfortunately, the price that we pay for this safety is […]

Day 29: Freeing Yourself From Bad Relationships

Over the past several days, we’ve gone over ways to improve your relationships with others. Most of your focus should be on the positive relationships in our life. That’s why it is important to free yourself from bad relationships. A bad relationship, as I will define it here, is any relationship where you tend to […]

Day 28: Learn To Apologize

None of us are perfect. Try as we might, we all screw up in our social interactions at some point. This is totally natural and understandable. Of course, we should minimize the social mistakes we make. But no matter how much work we put into becoming perfect social creatures, there will come a point where […]

Day 27: Go On A Date

Unless you are a part of the estimated 1% of humans who are asexual, dating and romantic relationships make up a big part of your life. Whether you are single or in a relationship right now, this is an area which deserves some attention. People who have been single for a while can become complacent […]

Day 26: Rekindle Old Friendships

Yesterday, we talked about a mindset for maintaining friendships when you are busy. Today we will be a little bit more direct with regards to maintaining relationships. We all have friends whom we would love to have stayed in touch with, but for one reason or another have lost touch with them. Sometimes there may […]

Day 25: The Magic of “Shave Parties”

Ok, so the title of this post is a little cryptic, I know. Let me explain. I have a slight problem, in that I am very lazy when it comes to shaving. One of my bros has the same problem. Both of us know that even though we look good all the time, we tend […]

Day 24: Are These Behaviors Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Today we move on to the final segment of this program, but it is perhaps the most important. For the next several days we will be exploring socialization and relationships, which is probably the #1 factor in most peoples’ happiness. I have a simple exercise for you today. Simple, but quite challenging. You must stop […]

8 Things Bonnaroo Taught Me About Vibing

This post is inspired by my friend over at Bended Brains. On the final afternoon of the summer’s greatest music festival, Bonnaroo, I sat in the comedy tent with several of my closest friends and discussed the past several days among ourselves. We wondered: what does Bonnaroo even mean? To us, it just sounded like […]